Question about Charter fishing


Most Asked Questions?


1.) Since we are leaving from Superior Wisconsin do I need a Wisconsin Fishing License ?  

     No it depends on what what we are fishing to what state license you need.  

2.) Is there any food which I can't  bring on the boat?  

     Banana are bad luck on the boat and it does seem like when they are on the boat we don't catch very much fish.  

3.) Is there a first mate on every fishing Charter?  

   Yes, since the boat is so large I need someone with experience in helping with docking and taking care of thinks.

4. Can we drink and smoke on the Charter.

Yes to both, but I do reserve to right to ask you to quit either one if you become out of hand.

Veterans Rate

1.  At lease one member of your group has to be a Veterans, I do not required proof but I can tell by the way they talk if you are a veteran.

2.  We will also give First respondere   ( Law enforcement, Fire Department, and Paramedic  the same discount