Boat Safety

 Please help us keep your time on the boat safe and enjoyable for everyone by following the boat safety rules while on your N&S Great Lakes Fishing charter fishing trip. 

 Wear rubber soled shoes. so if the floor get wet you don't fall

Listen to the Captain about where the Type 1 Life Jacket are located.

Keep track of your belongings so you don't forget them after the fishing trip.

Beer is allowed, but please don't drink until you are intoxicated. If we get into rough water you will not feel very good. If you get sick on the watercraft, you or someone in your party will be responsible for cleaning up the mess.

Lake Superior can turn stormy real quick, where you may be required to put on your Type 1 life jackets. If you walk up front to the bow of the watercraft, you will be required to have the life jacket in your possession.

Being out in the sun and fresh air guests do not prepare themselves for dehydration, sunburn or windburn. Bring proper clothing or lotions/creams for protection against sunburn and/or windburn. In only a few hours after being exposed to the sun and reflection off the water, dehydration, sunburn and windburn can easily occur.

If you follow these simple rules you will have a very enjoyable fishing trip Our goal is always safety for everyone on board.