Fishing Adventures

Type of Captains

 There are two different type of Charter fishing.  The first is where you have the Captain and first mate set all the line and when a fish bite they hand you the rod after making sure there could be a fish on it. The second is my way, from the start you are giving instruction on how to set lines and fighting the fish,  You are fishing the hand-on way and you help with everything. The time goes by faster, and your experience on the Lake Superior will be something you talk about for a long time.  So it really your choice on who you want to fish with. Green Eyes #2 is a 1979 36' Trojan or your fishing adventure or a sight seeing cruise. Lots of space with covered shelter to get out of the weather, a head and table space that seats four are some of the amenities.. All the latest fishing equipment is provided.  From there on, all that's necessary is patience because the fish may take awhile to bite. The area we cover on Lake Superior on the Minnesota side is from Duluth up to Knife River. On the Wisconsin side from Duluth/Superior to the Brule River. In the hot summer days we might have to travel out into the Lake to find the right water temperature. While fishing Lake Superior you might catch Lake Trout, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout(Steel Head) Walleye, Coho(Silver), Chinook(King) Salmon. Salmon feed close to the surface while trout might feed down to 300 feet down in the lake. Fishing laws of Wisconsin and Minnesota are different. In Wisconsin you can keep a Rainbow Trout if over the 26 inch length and Minnesota any native Rainbow trout you have to release, only clipped Rainbow Trout can be kept. Wisconsin resident required a fishing license with a Great Lake Trout Stamp. I sell Great Lake Trout stamp for $10.00  on the boat which cover you for the entire year. I sell   one day fishing license on my boat for the fee of $14.00, this will cover you for 24 hours.  Minnesota  resident required a DNR angling license with a Trout Stamp.  Minnesota residents over the age of 65 don't require a Trout Stamp nor children under the age of 18.  Children age 16 and 17 do required a valid State fishing license.  I sell one day resident fishing license for $11.00 and non-resident fishing license for $13.00. They cover the trout stamp requirement. All you need to bring is warm clothing, rubber or soft sole shoe and maybe rain gear if the weather call for rain. Sun and wind protection along with your food and beverages. Beer is OK, you don't want to get sick. Don't forget a cooler to haul your fish in Lake Superior fishing is a great time to take your family or friends out. We can take up to six (6) people on board for fishing or sight seeing. When booking please check the box to tell me if your are a veterans so I can apply the discount. Barker Island Charter Dock has lots of space for parking. Just look for the old Whale Back Boat and that is how you enter Barker Island. There are many Motels or Hotels close to Barker Island. Some Gift shops are located on the island and open during warm weather. Check out the Lodging page for special rates for rooms. Richard Bong Veterans Memorial is at the entrance of Barker Island telling you the story of the local fight pilot of WW II