1st Mate John


Captain Scott Berndt was born in Hayward, and raised in Superior, Wisconsin. At the age of 10 he started his Lake Superior fishing with is Father. Fishing most of the weekend when weather permitted. This continues on till age 18 when he joined the Military for a 23 ½ year career. After retiring from the U. S. Army he started back fishing Lake Superior. After finding no work in Superior, he moved to the City of Andover, Minnesota showing his children the love of fishing on Lake Superior.

After some years he started to check on what it takes to be Charter Captain and take people fishing. In the year 2009 attending the Coast Guard Captain course which he passed. Then started to put thing together to start a business as a Charter fishing guide on Lake Superior. Updated the boat with the modern fishing equipment. Then started N&S Great Lakes Fishing in the Spring of 2010.

Since starting fishing on Lake Superior in 1964 many different fishing techniques have change. For the past ten years he has fish the lake continually during the spring, summer and fall. Finding fish and catching them get better every year. He has increase his knowledge of where the fish are during certain time of year.

Since having some 45 years fishing on Lake Superior. Doing something that he loves to do, and show other people that the fishing Lake Superior is fun. You don't have to travel 500 miles to get great fishing on Lake Michigan where you drive 150 miles and have the same type of fun on Lake Superior. As people know the more the water is fish the more fish are taken out. Since I'm a veteran, a  discount will be given to any veteran on the booking price. Fishing is one of the best way to relax and get away from all the stress in life. Take time off and enjoy life and maybe enjoy fishing on Lake Superior. I do bring a dog along on every fishing trip. Her name is Daisy and she is a very mellow dog. When there are young kids on the charter, they just like to play with her. She is an all American dog, which likes attention and some people food.


John is a Navy Veteran from the Vietnam era.  He enjoy outdoor activities year round. John was my 1st mate all last year and he does a vast knowledge of fishing.  He might ask you to help him give the fishing god a gift so we can catch more fish.  Watch our for his spoon selection he sometime try to talk you into one of his hot spoons, it may be hot because the sun has been beating on it all day.